Nifty Stats PRO free for everyone for 30 days!

Nifty Stats PRO free for everyone for 30 days!

Dear users,

would like to use Nifty Stats PRO ( ) for 30 days for free? Would like to use professional tools such as unlimited and automatic payout control, unlimited affiliate and advertising statistics, affiliate and advertising stats on mobile phone, would you like to set custom stats and other features?

Now you have a chance to try these professional features for yourself and for absolutely free and without any advertisement!

Till 5th of June 2011 you can install and use Nifty Stats PRO absolutely free for 30 days!

And how to do so? It’s pretty easy.

Login to the member section ( ) click on the up menu on DOWNLOAD and download + install Nifty Stats PRO, or in the FREE version of Nifty Stats just click on the upper menu at Nifty Stats > Update Nifty Stats.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate and contact us!

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