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New affiliate programs and advertising networks in our database

New affiliate programs and advertising networks in our database

The database of affiliate programs and advertising networks is updated daily.

Dear users,

we are constantly improving Nifty Stats, we have released several new updates for Nifty Stats during 2017 and we have added hundreds and hundreds of new affiliate programs and advertising networks from every market segment. You can of course watch and analyze all these programs and networks in Nifty Stats.

The database of affiliate programs and advertising networks is updated daily, therefore don’t forget to update your database in Nifty Stats.

For a complete list of supported affiliate programs, advertising networks and systems please visit our page

You can’t find your favorite program or network in the Nifty Stats database and would like to track it? Don’t hesitate, just let us know via the following form.


Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Tutorial: Simple shift of date range

Tutorial: Simple shift of date range

If you need to see statistics for previous or next date range, you can achieve that by single click to arrow in the period bar:
Simple shift of date range


New date range has the same number of days with exception when first and last day of range is first and last day of the month. In that case new range is also aligned to month boundary so you can change months and years easily.

If you wish to see statistics of two periods concurrently, you can use feature described here:

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New banners for Halloween Promo

New banners for Halloween Promo

Halloween Promo Banners

We have prepared new promo materials. Halloween banners for everyone who wants to promote Nifty Stats through our affiliate program.

Now starts Halloween promo, read more about it.

Promote Nifty Stats and make money!
Sign up to our affiliate program and make huge money from your sites, blogs etc..
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Halloween banners:

200_256 250_256 468-60_256 720_256 851_256 blog-fullsize fullsize_256 halloween_256 halloween2_256 helloween_256

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Analysis of campaigns over multiple programs simultaneously

Analysis of campaigns over multiple programs simultaneously

The key success to monetize traffic on your websites is efficiency. For its improvement you need to constantly track traffic stats, revenues and expenses, in case you buy traffic. To eliminate loss-making activities and to support the profitable ones you need detailed statistics, where you can identify such activities and their results.

One way of simple detailed monitoring of statistics are campaigns. Campaigns are supported by many affiliate programs, advertising networks and so on. They allow detailed monitoring of stats even without using scripts on your sites, which makes them suitable not only for professionals, but for beginners as well.

Monitoring campaigns performance can be difficult when you use multiple sources and/or traffic targets within a single campaign. The campaign analysis in Nifty Stats helps to solve this problem.

But first let’s take a look at an example. This is how program statistics with enabled campaign downloads look like in the standard view of Nifty Stats, if you already use campaigns:

Program view

We can see the various programs and after clicking on the details we can see the results of campaigns under each program.

It is necessary for most programs to set download per campaigns at the properties window of the program under the option “Download type”, in order for Nifty Stats to download statistics by campaigns. It’s possible that for some programs this feature isn’t available yet, because the programs in the Nifty Stats database are constantly changing. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need campaign statistics for a program which does supports it, but it’s not already available in Nifty Stats.

In the new version of Nifty Stats a new toolbar called “Analyze” appeared. The basic choice is “Analyze: Programs”, which turns on the standard list of programs, which were used in the previous version of Nifty Stats. By turning on “Analyze: Campaigns” you will get an overall view of all campaigns performances for the selected period.

You can sort the list of campaigns by any parameter to find the most effective and the worst performing campaigns. If you have campaigns with the same name across multiple programs, then the statistics for these campaigns will be added together from every program, where it is used. You can easily find out which campaigns are profitable or which ones are making loss, if you are buying and selling traffic under one campaign. In this case you don’t even need to own a website, or a landing page, you can track the results of direct links (purchased traffic sent directly to your referral URLs).

The following picture illustrates the situation:
Campaign view
The most revenue for the selected period (“This month”) has a campaign called “camp 1”. The campaign with the largest loss is called “3d movies”. After clicking the details we can see that traffic for this campaign was purchased at “Bing Ads” and “Google AdWords”, and the traffic was sent to “Example Program”, where no revenue was recorded, thus making a loss that we have just indentified only with a few clicks, so we can immediately respond to the incurred problem.

For campaigns you can see not only the overall results for a selected period, but the daily, monthly etc. charts and tables as well, as you are already used to during program analysis. You can also simultaneously compare campaign results for two selected periods, the same way as for program results using the familiar “Compare to” toolbar visible on the screenshot.

During campaign analysis when one of the group (Group) is enabled then only the programs which are member of that selected group are considered. This gives you an other option for detailed analysis of campaigns, so for example you can find out which type of affiliate programs work best within a campaign, when you have affiliate programs divided into groups according to arbitrary criteria.

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New version of Nifty Stats is out!

New version of Nifty Stats is out!

Dear users,

We bring you a new version of Nifty Stats, which has been just released.

What’s new?

– new chart type in mobile statistics
– possibility to turn off or turn on notification about new payments independent of sales notifications
– new Sales + Rebill column
– new columns Sales:Unq and Sales:Raw

We have sped up stats download in Nifty Stats. The update is easy. Just open Nifty Stats and everything happens automatically.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate and contact us.

Nifty Stats team

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Event Notes – A New Function in Nifty Stats

Event Notes – A New Function in Nifty Stats

We included a great new function in Nifty Stats, EVENT NOTES. Event Notes will give you a complete overview of your earnings and expenses over each time period. Event Notes allows you to enter your personal notes next to graphs and see the different payment situations with your commentary. If, for example, you buy traffic in a given period, you can attach a note saying “Bought traffic between April 1, 2014 and April 15, 2014”, and watch how this traffic converts into sales. Or you can note down how the affiliate program you started to promote is converting into sales. You can add descriptions to impressions, raw hits, sales, rebills, refunds, chargebacks, CTR, etc. You can also define time periods as you want and highlight event notes in color! This function is sure to find broad use.

Your income is under control. Put any description under the graph to get perfect overview of which traffic, and from whom, best converts to sales.

Event Notes


Your expenses under control. Event notes allow you to mark the advertising network where you buy your advertising and see your expenses in real time.


You see how little you need to make your business more transparent – you can add other event notes, like a domain sale, traffic purchase, marketing campaign launch and many more.

If you have any other ideas for improving Nifty Stats, do let us know!

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Supported Affiliate Programs

Supported Affiliate Programs

Dear users,

We have prepared a list of supported affiliate programs by Nifty Stats. Using Nifty Stats you can immediately track statistics for each of these affiliate programs or advertising networks.

The current list can be found at

Would you like to track your statistics at your favorite affiliate program right away, but it’s not in our database?
Send it to us and we’ll add it for you:

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Regards Nifty Stats team

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CCBill statistics improved by referral url!

CCBill statistics improved by referral url!

Dear users,

We know that Nifty Stats has become an integral part in monitoring of your income and expenditure statistics and therefore we are constantly working on improving Nifty Stats, so it will be more comfortable.

This time we have improved CCBill statistics, by adding referral URL downloads. So from now you don’t need to search through the complicated CCBill site, it’s enough to open Nifty Stats and you’ll have all your sales under control. You can see the referring URL of the Sign up, the amount of Sign up’s, the referring URL of the rebill and all this is visible in graphs generated by Nifty Stats!

You still don’t have the latest version? Just open Nifty Stats and the installation of the new version will take place automatically and is completely free!

You don’t have Nifty Stats yet? Want to have your stats finally under control? Do not waste your valuable time and start using Nifty Stats today. You can have the full version for 30 days for free, just click here:

Do you have any questions? Do you miss a feature in Nifty Stats? Do not hesitate and contact us today!

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Your CCBill statistics presented as graphs and clear reports in one Nifty Stats working window!

Your CCBill statistics presented as graphs and clear reports in one Nifty Stats working window!

Have full control over your sales statistics!

Nifty Stats can present your statistics from CCBill accounts as graphs and clear analyses!

You need to extract as much information from CCBill as you can. It is the only way to know what is happening with your business.

CCBill is a very popular and solid payment processor with many users who include not only affiliates but also operators of pay sites. That is the reason why CCBill was included in the Nifty Stats database and allows us to offer you the broadest range of statistics, even those that are not provided by CCBill itself. Where the CCBill interface falls short is graphical analysis of your data permitting you to immediately visualize your sales. Nifty Stats, on the other hand, displays within a single working window all the data you need to see and even allows you to compare different time periods. We are going to show everything that Nifty Stats can analyze.

Knowing your numbers is the basis of success!

Do you know what your sales are? Which programs and pay sites are productive and which are not? Which times were rich and which were poor? Which campaigns earned most or brought you most users? All this represents critical information – if you do not have it, your business can not develop successfully. Nifty Stats will give you all the necessary data and information!So what do statistics from CCBill look like in Nifty Stats?

Install Nifty Stats as a fully functional 30-day version. Open Nifty Stats and select CCBill from the database of affiliate programs. Fill in your login data and click on Nifty Stats > Start Downloading of Statistics in the top menu. The statistics from CCBill will immediately begin loading into Nifty Stats. Here you have to be careful to choose the right starting date – if you select 2000 you will be downloading statistics for the whole 13 years, a task that might take weeks to complete. Therefore, select a period not longer than 2 years.

As soon as the statistics from CCBill finish downloading into Nifty Stats you will see a complete overview of your total income, rebills, sales, refunds, chargebacks, and more. You will also immediately see the pay sites and affiliate programs registered with your account. You do not need to set up anything or enter any additional data, everything is set up automatically. You can see the outcome on this picture:

Graphical sales analysis ( including sales, rebills, chargebacks, refunds )

Once the statistics have downloaded you are immediately shown a graphical representation of sales, rebills, chargebacks, refunds and other information on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, or for the whole period of your registration with CCBill. Nifty Stats will interpret the statistics from your CCBill account. We will now show you a bar graph which gives you perfect overview of your business. See the picture which shows the sales trend for one pay site. Note how membership sales changed between weeks – some weeks were better and some were leaner. You can work with this data and cover the weaker periods with heavier advertising or launch promotion deals for members and possibly also affiliate webmasters, and much more.

Whether your CCBill account is linked to pay sites or affiliate programs, you can compare their performance. Just select two or more programs in the working window of Nifty Stats and you get a perfect graphical analysis. You can select from among several types of graph which can be switched as needed.


Select CHARGEBACKS in the menu and get an immediate overview of the chargebacks for the selected time period. You can choose several pay sites and Nifty Stats will show you the collective chargebacks for various periods.

REFUNDS work in the same way.

Switch from the Graph to the Report tab and you get immediate overview of your income in a clear, tabulated format. You can change the sales info range to days, weeks or months. Nifty Stats can also show you the information on sales from a single pay site or collective sales for any number of pay sites (or affiliate programs), you just need to select them.

And in conclusion, you can have all this information updated every 30 minutes!

But Nifty Stats can do so much more!
In addition to saving your time it helps you keep your sales and expenses sorted out to make your business crystal clear. Do not hesitate and try out the 30-day fully functional version of Nifty Stats now, completely for free! Start right now:
Would you like more information? Just click on

Try Nifty Stats right now!

Do you have a team working for you and need to get your business under control?
We are offering you great discounts when purchasing more than 5 licenses of Nifty Stats!
Interested? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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Back up your earnings and expenses stats!

Back up your earnings and expenses stats!

Even though regular backups are already a standard, anything can still happen and you could be left without your most valuable data. You might lose key information including years of earnings and expenses, your sales stats, the trends of sales and expenses, and a lot more. To prevent this we included a function in Nifty Stats which will bring your stats to safety. Just a few clicks and your nightmares will be gone forever.

The Backup stats function is simple. It backs up your whole history of  statistical data, including graphical analyses of your earnings and payouts from affiliate programs and PPC campaigns.

How to do it? It’s very easy.

Open Nifty Stats and click on Nifty Stats > Backup Stats in the top right menu. Save the resulting file in two separate storage locations just to make sure that if one storage fails you can use the other copy. In this way you will never lose access to your stats and years of your business data will not be gone. You will be able to analyze the whole history at any time.

Do not forget to back up regularly!

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