SEPTEMBER 09, 2010 and added into Nifty Stats database!

Dear users, from today you can download statistics of sales for and also! We have added other affiliate programs also, so using Nifty Stats you are able to track and create history of sales from thousands and thousands of affiliate programs! Thank you for letting us know about new programs all the time, which we seek to add as soon as possible, but for adding these affiliate programs we need a test account or an user login and password. As it happens a lot, that affiliate programs won’t answer our emails, therefore we are forced to delete such affiliate programs from our database. In case we have a login and a password for the affiliate program, we can add it in a few hours! We are contacting ever affiliate program which you send to us, however we don’t get a reply all the time. Do you miss anything in Nifty Stats? Tell us about it and we will try to implement it!

AUGUST 20, 2010
New version of Nifty Stats Pro!

Dear users,
as you may have already saw we have released a new version of Nifty Stats Pro.

And what’s new?
Tooltip on the graphs shows the amount of sells, rebills and the total income!
You will get information about sells, rebills and total income every time when you put your mouse cursor over the graph.

And in the working space there is a new $/Sale column!
Would like to add this column right now? Open Nifty Stats Pro, click in the menu on View > Show Columns > $/Sale.

Also we have added more affiliate programs and advertising networks which need an upgrade to the higher version of Nifty Stats.
So if you don’t have the new version yet then please do an immediately update with the following method:
Open Nifty Stats Pro, click in the menu on Nifty Stats > Update Nifty Stats.

Do you miss a feature in Nifty Stats? Let us know about it!

JULY 21, 2010
New version of Nifty Stats released!

Dear Users,
Today we have released the new version of Nifty Stats Pro and Nifty Stats Free. As we have announced from today the free version will be limited in downloading of statistics up to 15 affiliate programs or advertising networks. In the free version the statistics for the actual month and for the previous month will be available.

Into the Pro version more viewing possibilities of statistics has been implemented. In the period bar you can choose the period for which would
you like to see the statistics - for a week, for the actual month or for previous month. You can also see the graphical analysis for a week!
Do you have any questions, suggestion for enhancement? Don't hesitate, contact us!

JULY 5, 2010
Epassporte accepted!

Dear users,
We would like to announce to you, that from today you can use the virtual credit card issued by Epassporte too for buying Nifty Stats Pro. Just log in to the members area and in the upper menu click on the Buy Nifty Stats Pro. We would like to also inform you that from 21st of July the free version of Nifty Stats will be limited. In this limited version you will be able to download up to 15 affiliate programs. We would like to thank to everyone who has bought Nifty Stats Pro, and we are very happy for the very positive reactions we get from you all!
In case of any questions don't hesitate and contact us.

JUNE 11, 2010
Nifty Stats NEWS

Dear users, we offer you the free version of Nifty Stats for more than 3 years now. We are very glad, that Nifty Stats is an inseparable part of your work and that it saves you a lot of time while analyzing your sales, click etc. Our whole team works daily on the free product, so it could work 100% and so that you can have more than 1000 up-to-date affiliate programs and that we can answer your questions as soon as possible sent via the support form.

Because of the fact, that we want to constantly enhance Nifty Stats, we need to change the user terms. From 21st of July 2010 you will be able to download statistics of up to 15 affiliate programs or advertising networks. If you would like to use Nifty Stats for analyzing statistics for more than 15 affiliate programs or advertising network, then we kindly ask you to buy the Nifty Stats Pro version, where this amount isn't limited.

The Pro version is a professional tool, where you can find awesome features, like: - Estimated earnings for current month - Copy stats for external files. (Excel, Word, TXT etc) - Portable version ( USB Key ) - Income / expenses are split - E-mail notification of every new sale - E-mail notification daily report - Verification of the sponsors payout - Printing of stats - Custom data stats - Quick search - NATS campaign supported - Possibility to reset affiliate program stats from a desired date in the Report Table - Possibility to create affiliate program Groups ...... and a lot more!

Start using these cool features now! Just login to the members area ( ) and in the menu click on BUY NIFTY STATS PRO.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate and contact us!

MAY 26, 2010
New version of Nifty Stats PRO!

We have some great news! Introducing new version of Nifty Stats Pro available from today! This new version is more comfortable, stable and it comes with various functions and information’s.

Following features:
Estimated earnings for last month.
Nifty Stats will estimate your income for past month according to your sales past 30 days.

Copy stats for external files.
(Excel, Word, TXT etc)
All your statistics could be exported to Excel, Word and any further files and applications.

NATS campaign supported by Nifty stats.
Nifty stats will display all your statistics according to campaign.

Upgrade Nifty right now!

mar 29, 2010
New version of Nifty Stats released!

Today we have released the new version of Nifty Stats Pro and Nifty Stats Free.
For you, who are using the Pro version can look forward to the big updates. We have implemented the following features into the new version of Nifty Stats Pro:
- better work environment, where income / expenses are split
- lowered CPU load while downloading
- Refresh All Statistics - start download every stats again including your already downloaded stats
Into the free version we have implemented the lowered CPU load by downloading and of course not at least we have new icons for Nifty Stats Pro and for the Free version

mar 02, 2010
20% discount on the yearly version of Nifty Stats Pro!
It's enough to login to the members section ( ), click on the DOWNLOAD in the menu and in the download section click on the: ( Here you can purchase/renew the Nifty Stats Pro ) a choose the yearly version, where you get a 20% discount automatically!

Heads up! This offer is time limited, it lasts only 1 week!

JAN 27, 2010
Our new affiliate program is ready!
Promote Nifty Stats using our affiliate system and we will pay you:

JAN 19, 2010

New affiliate program out soon!
In these days we are finishing our own affiliate program, through which you will be able to promote Nifty Stats!
We are finishing the last thing and we would like to start the affiliate program till the end of February.

DEC 24, 2009
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Dear Users,
We wish you, your family and friends Marry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

NOV 23, 2009
New advertising space!
WE GOT HOT NEWS AND IT IS FLASH NEWS! For more info click here!

Sep 20, 2009
Advertising in Nifty Stats 3 months + 1 for free! is offering an awesome promo, if you buy advertising for 3 months in Nifty Stats you get 1 month for free as a bonus!!!
If you would like to know more about advertising, check out: