Your safety and safety of your business is of paramount importance to us. We strive for maximum safety and credibility of our products that we bring you.

Nifty Stats - safety
Nifty Stats is a tracking stats software. It is programmed to regularly connect to remote servers and download your affiliate program and PPC statistics to your desktop (into the Nifty Stats application). These data remain only on your computer.

All data such as clicks, sales, rebills, refunds etc. are only accessible to you and no third party has any access to them.

Nifty Stats – authorization data
When using Nifty Stats your personal data such as your logins and passwords into your affiliate programs and PPC campaigns (advertising networks) are stored on your hard disk. We do not have any access to your statistics. The only authorization data exchanged between your Nifty Stats and the Nifty Stats authorization server is your authorization login and password assigned to you by the Nifty Stats server when you register for the free version or purchase the premium version. Our server authorizes whether you are entitled to use your Nifty Stats license. No further data is sent to the Nifty Stats server.

Nifty Stats – storing registration data
Our company Selfix s.r.o.only stores the data filled in by users at the point of registering the free version or purchasing the premium version; this covers the following information: login, name, e-mail and ICQ. We are not authorized to collect and store any other data such as your credit card information, such services are provided by professional companies with valid license and required security certificates.

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