Terms and Conditions - Affiliate Program

The following agreement is between the reseller and Selfix s.r.o.

What’s an affiliate?
An affiliate is every person, who is registered in our affiliate program ( at the following url: https://secure.niftystats.com/member-section.php?s=aff ) which is run by  Selfix s.r.o. Using this affiliate program every affiliate can promote only products Nifty Stats.

All of the following terms and conditions must be adhered to and are legally binding immediately upon agreement. The Selfix s.r.o.. reserves the right to terminate any agreement upon their discretion. Nifty stats affiliate program is an advertising program. Joining our program does not indicate an employment agreement with Selfix s.r.o.
- An affiliate is not allowed to create more than one affiliate account per individual, company or organization, without prior written or email approval.
- Affiliate must have 18 or more years and must give real data.
- All tracking are being done with cookies. Cookies are set to expire within 90 days.
- The affiliate is not allowed to purchase any of our products.
- Affiliate can’t pay other persons, or offer them any counter-actions for registration to Nifty Stats through their affiliate code
- We reserve the rights (with no time limitation) of evaluating the users who register under the affiliate and we also reserve the rights to deduct the part of the provision or cancel the affiliate account without paying out the provisions if we are suspicious of fraudulent registration, unusual amount of inactive users, high amount of chargebacks, or refunds.
- Provisions reaching the minimal payout are paid out every month, in 25 working days after the end of the month. Amount lower than the minimal payout are carried over to the next period.
- The provision is paid to your Paxum account  ( fees $2 ) . Min. payout is $100.
- An affiliate is not permitted to use misleading advertising.
- Any affiliate whose site promotes or contains illegal content will have their accounts terminated immediately.
- An affiliate is not allowed to engage in spam.
- We reserve the right to suspend, reduce, or cancel payment to an affiliate that has been found to have violated these terms and conditions or is suspected of violating these terms and conditions.
- We reserve the right to discontinue this program at any time. In this case we will pay all affiliates the balance of their accounts, provided they exceed the minimum payout. In cases where an affiliate's outstanding earnings are less than the minimum payout, those earnings may be cancelled.
- We reserve the rights of changing the terms anytime. In case of every change we send a message to the contact e-mail of affiliate.
- Promoting of Nifty Stats using e-mail and Instant messaging is prohibited
- Using of URL shortening services and other methods which avoid the identification of referral (new users) source is prohibited
- The source of every new referral ( new user who buys Nifty Stats ) needs to be recognizable (URL of site which he came from)
- Affiliates can promote only the software Nifty Stats for which this affiliate program is made for
- Affiliates are prohibited of promoting Nifty Stats affiliate program ( Pay Per Sale )

In case of breaking any of these rules the affiliate account will be immediately cancelled without further notice and the provisions won’t be paid out!

Explanation of terms from sales statistics in the affiliate section
Raw Hits – shows the amount of clicks on your referral code
Nifty Stats – shows the amount of users, which have bought Nifty Stats through your referral link
Chargebacks/Refunds – shows the amount of chargebacks and refunds.
Commission – shows the full amount of your earnings for the day or period
Definition of the term PAY PER SALE
Our company will pay you 20%  for every sold license of Nifty Stats. INCLUDING REBILLS! In case of refund or chargeback we will deduct the provision.
In case you have any questions just contact us at http://www.niftystats.com/contact-us.php