A new version of Nifty Stats has been released

May 12, 2021

Dear users,

after a while we bring you an other new version of Nifty Stats. Most of you have already taken the opportunity to install the beta version, where you could try the new features that we have prepared for you. Now all our users can use the new version of Nifty Stats.

And what‘s new?

Nifty Stats new icon
  • Address bar in browser window
  • Automatic database backup
  • New software icon
  • Chart tooltip shows date range for aggregated periods
  • Minor bug fixes

How do I install the new version of Nifty Stats?

Open Nifty Stats, in the top menu click on Nifty Stats then click on Update Nifty Stats The self-installation process will automatically install the latest version of Nifty Stats.

Nifty Stats upgrade

Did you know that Nifty Stats is a flexible tool that allows custom coding?

According to your needs, we can integrate functions into Nifty Stats that you are missing. Do not hesitate to
contact us.


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