Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I generate a new password for Nifty Stats?

We will send the new password directly to your email. On the Password reset page, just enter your email and the password will be sent to your email immediately.

What version of Windows do I need for Nifty Stats?

Nifty Stats is stable on Windows 10.

We would be interested to purchase multiple licenses, how can we do so?

If you are interested in multiple licenses, e.g. for your staff, do not hesitate and contact us. We can provide you any number of licenses.

I would like to add an affiliate program, where can I do so?

Just go ahead and click here , the affiliate program or advertising network must fulfill our rules of inclusion so please take time to read them.

How does Nifty Stats work?

It works quite simply. After installing Nifty Stats to your computer or notebook you select from the database those affiliate programs or advertising networks that you wish to monitor regularly. Then you fill in your information such as the login and password, the date from which statistics should be downloaded to Nifty Stats, and frequency of […]

How many affiliate programs or advertising networks are currently included in the Nifty Stats database?

Nifty Stats at this time supports thousands of affiliate programs, affiliates networks and advertising networks that you can immediately subscribe to and start downloading your sales statistics. You can find the full list of supported affiliate programs and advertising networks on the Networks page

What does a database update include?

Our team continuously monitors and corrects affiliate programs or advertising networks that do not function properly. They identify problems and fix such dysfunctional affiliate programs or advertising networks. At the same time dozens of new affiliate programs or advertising networks are being added, which is why it is important to update your database on daily basis!

What are the functions in Nifty Stats?

You can find a list of functions as well as descriptions and screenshots here.

Is the Nifty Stats - 30 day version without restrictions?

Yes, you can use all functions and can download unlimited statistics from affiliate programs, affiliate networks and advertising networks. Try trial version now.

How often do you patch and update the affiliate programs and advertising networks database?

We update the database several times a week.

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