Automatic payout control in affiliate programs!

April 18, 2011


The PAYOUT function automatically checks with the affiliate program you promote how much money it owes you and how much you have
already earned from it. This function is unique and its auto variant is supported by NATS, CCBill and DM.

All these information is clearly listed in one work space where you are also allowed to make some changes. You will be informed about this function in the following tutorials. If you want to activate the tutorials from your PC, download EXE file. There is a flash presentation in it, which will show you how to use the payout function properly.

Download EXE file here!

There is an opportunity to see the tutorials from our server.


We are also publishing transcript of particular steps in tutorials:



The new version of Nifty Stats Pro comes with an improved PAYOUT function!

The PAYOUT function automatically checks with the affiliate program you promote how much money it owes you and how much you have already earned from it. This function is unique and its auto variant is supported by NATS, CCBill and DM.

With Nifty Stats PRO you will always have a clear overview of how much the affiliate program or advertising network owes you. Moreover, it is very easy to use the PAYOUT function.

Let’s look at how it works and how to use this function efficiently.

1. First we’ll have the new sales stats downloaded. Whenever new stats are loaded payout statistics are automatically updated for sales, clicks, impressions, etc.

2. As soon as affiliate program statistics finish downloading we click on Payout in the tab.

3. Here you see a list of payouts which Nifty Stats PRO downloaded for me automatically, without my having to fill out anything anywhere – we see a list of earnings which the affiliate program should have sent me.

4. These items can be modified at will – you can change the amount, the fee or even the period.
5. Select this item ( Payment Received ) if the money was sent by the affiliate program or advertising network by check, bank transfer or straight to your electronic purse. Nifty Stats will respond by reducing the total amount owed by the affiliate program by the payment you received.

When using this function for the first time, e.g. after upgrading to a new version of Nifty Stats Pro, you need to manually select the payments received in the meantime.

6. I select all the payments which I have received and continue to do so whenever a payment is credited to my account or arrives as a check; I could select all of them (those which have actually been received, that is). I only select a few so I can show you the other functions. I am now selecting a couple of Payments Received.


The left mouse button opens a menu. If, for example, you select all payouts in the list and click on Select Payments Received in this menu then all these payments will be marked as Received.
7. When I select Show Payout in the program list then all outstanding payments will be displayed in a separate column on the workspace of Nifty Stats.

8. Here I see the amount that the affiliate program owes me, or has not paid yet.

9. It is very important to set the Min. Payout – this is the minimum payment that the affiliate program will send you. You can often define this amount yourself in the affiliate program. My affiliate program has a minimum payout of $100 so I’m setting this field to $100.

If you’ve checked Download payments then payments will regularly be downloaded along with the other stats of the affiliate program.
10. Here you can see that this amount automatically turned green and this amount here is the one still owed by the affiliate program.

11. If I now select the other payout as Payments Received, this amount will be reduced. Let me show you...

12. Here you see that the total amount owed me by the affiliate program has been reduced by the selected Payments Received.
13. You can add comments to payouts, stating how the money was received, or any other info.

14. You can also add payouts manually.

This is useful for affiliate programs, affiliate networks and advertising networks which are not supported and do not provide automatic payout downloads – in such cases you can add payments manually.

The process is very quick and simple, I will show you what this function does and what settings are available.

15. Click the Add Payment button

16. Here you can fill out payment info and you will find all important payment data here.

17. You can set any values in the payment date, period, fees, affiliate program, total amount and payment description fields.


To make manual completion of payouts easier Nifty Stats automatically pre-fills the info according to the downloaded stats and previous payments and gives you the chance to modify the info later.

18. I have not filled out anything and do not want to save anything so I click on Cancel.

19. You can modify payouts through this menu as well, which appears when you click the right mouse button on a row of the payout

20. and finally we can review and compare the statistics in Nifty Stats and in the affiliate program. I will open the affiliate section where the affiliate program stores info about payments.

21. Here you can review the history of payments - Nifty Stats PRO will download this for you and will maintain a list of payments.

22. In this tutorial we showed you the basic use of the payout function. I hope that this function saves you a lot of time, will make your business more transparent and bring your payments under better control – which is sometimes as important as having a good strategy.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not forget to have a look at our other tutorials which we bring you regularly at

This is where you’ll find important tips and tricks on how to use Nifty Stats more efficiently!


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