Back up your earnings and expenses stats!

Even though regular backups are already a standard, anything can still happen and you could be left without your most valuable data. You might lose key information including years of earnings and expenses, your sales stats, the trends of sales and expenses, and a lot more. To prevent this we included a function in Nifty Stats which will bring your stats to safety. Just a few clicks and your nightmares will be gone forever.

The Backup stats function is simple. It backs up your whole history of  statistical data, including graphical analyses of your earnings and payouts from affiliate programs and PPC campaigns.

How to do it? It’s very easy.

Open Nifty Stats and click on Nifty Stats > Backup Stats in the top right menu. Save the resulting file in two separate storage locations just to make sure that if one storage fails you can use the other copy. In this way you will never lose access to your stats and years of your business data will not be gone. You will be able to analyze the whole history at any time.

Do not forget to back up regularly!


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