FREE VPS - buy Nifty Stats and get FREE VPS!

August 15, 2023

Don't pay unnecessarily, take advantage of our offer and get a free VPS for you and your projects.

Buy Nifty Stats any package and get a VPS that will be active for as long as you have an active Nifty Stats license.

VPS is ideal for users who have Linux or Mac. You simply have access to your statistics wherever you are.

You will have a VPS with these parameters:

CPU 2 cores, RAM 2 GB, SSD 50GB, WIN 10, Unique IP address

How to get a FREE VPS?

Buy any version of Nifty Stats, 1 month for $24.95, 3 months for $64.95, or the yearly version for $249. After the purchase you will receive a promo code that you can use to activate the VPS service. You will have the VPS service active as long as you have an active Nifty Stats license.

VPS is provided for you by and reserves the right to terminate the Service whenever it deems appropriate. If you have any questions about the service provided, please contact Exmasters through their support.


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