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July 3, 2020

Promoting affiliate programs can earn you up to 30 percent of your main income.

In today's virtual world, most people make money through affiliate programs. It's an effective way to sell products, but also to make very nice money relatively quickly without much effort. It all depends on the quality of the traffic, sources and social groups, which many times a person has been building for years. Then all you have to do is find the products that you can sell in these groups focused on a certain niche. From my own experience I can say that webmasters or people who work online do not even realize the huge potential of their projects. They don‘t realize that their project can earn them without much effort an additional 30 percent to their income coming from sales through various affiliate products.

We are constantly looking for new affiliates and associates

We are also constantly looking for new talents who are interested in working with us. In our affiliate system, we have two offers ready for each of you. One is a 25% discount of each license you sell, the other is an exclusive one, it's a reseller.

This cooperation is based on trust and is very long-term. We offer exclusive rights in the sale and distribution of Nifty Stats in certain regions and individual states. In case of interest in selling Nifty Stats in their country, whether by a company or by an individual, an above-standard cooperation is created, we grant special rights to the reseller, we localize Nifty Stats, we can also promptly implement required functions in the software, etc ... ..Of course, earnings are also much more interesting for resellers.

The reseller has special conditions and free hands when selling Nifty Stats in its region.

Some tips that may motivate you.

Try to sell Nifty Stats, the whole preparation takes only 10 min. and earnings from the sale of licenses can be very interesting for you. Try to look at your website or blog and find a place for a banner, if you are an affiliate program, send a newsletter with your referral link to your customers, it is necessary to realize that you also have merchants who have more and more affiliate programs. It is simply a closed cycle that is treated as a single organism.

If we have motivated you at least a little, sign up for the Nifty Stats affiliate program. We are also very happy to welcome you to our team as a reseller. Do not hesitate and contact us.


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