Nifty Stats has been on the market for 10 years

November 22, 2017
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Nifty Stats was originally created for just a few webmasters who made big money.

The history of Nifty Stats is quite interesting even though it doesn't looks like it. Initially it was a conservative software used by only a few webmasters, but there was a boom after releasing the free version and literally thousands of webmasters have started to use Nifty Stats, which made it a quite popular and demanded tool for tracking affiliate statistics, sales and expenses. Today, Nifty Stats has a strong place on the market and it enjoys a great popularity of webmasters.

I was promoting 20-50 affiliate programs at once, Nifty Stats saved years of my life.

How did it all began? In the beginning we were a small group of webmasters earning quite good money and we were promoting a wide range of affiliate programs, niches etc. Each of us owned 20-200 sites where we advertised 20-50 affiliate programs at the same time. Very soon we realized that checking stats daily and seeing how much we earned at 20-50 affiliate programs was an impossible task to do. It took us way too much time, sometimes we were checking statistics 3-4 hours a day. We could not manually analyze that many affiliate programs. It was way too much and my productivity was declining fast. That's why we have programmed our small private tool ( Nifty Stats ), which in regular intervals was connecting to affiliate programs which we promoted and was pulling the sale statistics. It was a great thing! What I did in 3-4 hours a day was now analyzed in less than 10 minutes!

Webmasters understood that they need Nifty Stats to work effectively.

When I showed my friend the tool I use for tracking statistics he immediately wanted it and after some time I started to receive emails from other webmasters as well. I was happy, however Nifty Stats has also required some very important modifications and repairs for it to work properly, so I have decided with my co-worker to offer Nifty Stats as a free tool. Although this concept lasted a few years it turned out to be inefficient, so we made a commercial version called Nifty Stats Pro.

We have permanent users who are with us for more than 5 years.

Sometimes affiliates at webmaster boards are asking me the question why do they need Nifty Stats? The answer is simple, either you need Nifty Stats, or you don't need it. If you have only a few sites where you are promoting only a handful of affiliate programs then you really don't need Nifty Stats. But if you are a webmaster with dozens of sites promoting dozens of affiliate programs and you also have advertising costs while you spend a lot of time checking statistics of sales and expenses, then Nifty Stats is definitely what you need.


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