Nifty Stats Partners With Juicy Ads Traffic Network

JuicyAds, the award-winning adult traffic network, is thrilled to collaborate with the Nifty Stats community! JuicyAds specializes in adult banner ads, popunders, navigation tabs, and native traffic and works with the largest publishers in the world. They have premium adult traffic for both desktop and mobile available on CPM, CPC and Flat-Rate.

The JuicyAds marketplace is one-of-a-kind and gives advertisers the opportunity to pick and choose their ad spots on thousands of different niche specific websites. They can sort the publisher sites by impressions, clicks, Alexa rating, website type, and keywords. Some of the most popular verticals being advertised include Casino, Hentai, Dating, Nutra, and Webcams.


Clients have the option of using the self-service platform or working with one of their experienced account managers. JuicyAds makes it incredibly easy for new advertisers to get started and launch their first campaigns.  With only a $100 minimum, the network provides options from testing new offers to scaling proven campaigns. It’s no wonder why the company has been named “Best Traffic Services Of The Year” countless times since it launched in 2006.

JuicyAds is offering a $100 Match Bonus to all new advertisers from Nifty Stats. To cash in on this promotion, go to and use the code "niftystats" at checkout. 


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