Use Nifty Stats Pro and we will give you hosting for free!

November 8, 2010

Everyone who has an active license of Nifty Stats Pro is from today eligible for free web hosting ( plan 4 )!

The price for this hosting plan is more than $20 monthly, but you don’t pay a dime!

Don’t hesitate and buy Nifty Stats PRO right now so you can copy your web project onto your new web server today!

Are you a user of Nifty Stats Pro and want to get freehosting?
Log into our member section at and click on DOWNLOAD on the upper menu. You will find a generated coupon code in this section. Also you can find information about how to proceed further.

Rules for using the promo FREE WEB HOSTING!

You can use Free Web Hosting if you have an active license of Nifty Stats PRO

If your license of Nifty Stats PRO expires, then your web hosting account will expire, so please always make sure that you have an active license of Nifty Stats PRO all the time.

You get everything free which is in the Hosting Plan 4 everything above the plan will be charged  by the individual price list of

If you have problems with the hosting, please contact


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