Revenue and expenditure reports directly on your e-mail!

October 9, 2013
Yes, even this useful function is implemented in Nifty Stats. You will not only receive a detailed overview via e-mail, which you set up in Nifty Stats settings, but you will receive a notification right on your e-mail in case of a new income or expense. It depends on you whether you enable this feature in the settings or not. In any case, you can be informed anywhere about your earnings, or spending during the day. I personally have this feature activated and I check my e-mails on my mobile telephone, so even if I am out of office, I’ll receive a new e-mail about any sales, or about the daily report.
Would you like to activate this feature? Just Open Nifty Stats, in the top menu choose NIFTY STATS> OPTIONS. Scroll down till the E-mail Settings and set SMTP sending.

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