New version of Nifty Stats Pro!

August 20, 2010
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Dear users,

as you may have already seen we have released a new version of Nifty Stats Pro.

And what's new?
Tooltip on the graphs shows the amount of sells, rebills and the total income!
Tool Tip
You will get information about sells, rebills and total income every time when you put your mouse cursor over the graph.

And in the working space there is a new $/Sale column!
Would like to add this column right now? Open Nifty Stats Pro, click in the menu on View > Show Columns > $/Sale.

Also we have added more affiliate programs and advertising networks which need an upgrade to the higher version of Nifty Stats.
So if you don't have the new version yet then please do an immediately update with the following method: Open Nifty Stats Pro, click in the menu on Nifty Stats > Update Nifty Stats.

Do you miss a feature in Nifty Stats? Let us know about it!

You still don't have Nifty Stats Pro? Click here and buy Nifty Stats Pro right now!


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