New version with period comparison has been released!

June 8, 2011

Dear users,

We have released a new version of Nifty Stats PRO today! Great new features are waiting for you.

Comparison of stats for different periods:

Comparison of statistics for 2 different periods. Using this feature you are able to compare your sales for the last month for example. Nifty Stats will show you the differences between the incomes for instance!

New payout popup:

The new payout popup will pop up if the sponsor has sent a new payment (it will be added to the payout history).

The upgrade is for free! Just follow these three easy steps: Open Nifty Stats, click in the menu on Nifty Stats > Update Nifty Stats. You still don't have Nifty Stats Pro? Click here and buy Nifty Stats Pro right now!

Do you miss a feature in Nifty Stats? Let us know about it!


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