April and May: new programs and new beta version soon

In April we added new affiliate programs that you can track now and in May we will bring a new beta version.

Gold Lead, MB .Partners, Fury .Partners API, Apuestashouse, True Dynasty Affiliates, Dream GF .ai, Wow Partners (ReferOn), Get Reditus, Partners Club, Partners .club, CryptoBet Partners API, Livesoft .Partners API, Latam Aff Partners, Star Crown .Partners API, WSM Affiliates API, EPC Affiliates API, Cash FX, Banzai .Partners, GamrFirst Affiliates .ch, Dating Clix Advertiser API, Small Screen Games API, V Commission Network, Banger Legends, Gamblezen Partners API, Bambie Game, Costume Figther, Memedia API (Everflow), Cyberpunk 20xx

Another good news is that a new beta version of Nifty Stats will soon be available. Sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss anything.


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