New beta version of Nifty Stats

April 20, 2021

Dear users,

We are constantly working to improve Nifty Stats to make our affiliate and Ad tracking software a real number one for you.

Today we bring you a new beta version. You can try out the new features today. We are constantly repairing, editing and adding new affiliate programs and advertising networks so that your tracking of statistics is fast and hassle-free.

What is new?

We have added new icons of our logo to Nifty Stats. You can find them on your desktop and they are implemented inside the software. I hope you will like them 🙂

We have added automatic database backups. From now on, a backup of your database will be created regularly so you can pay  more attention to analyzing your statistics.

We have added an address bar to the integrated browser in Nifty Stats.

We also made some minor fixes in the functionality of the software.

You can download the new beta version of Nifty Stats directly from our website.

Are you missing any features or affiliate programs in Nifty Stats? Would you improve something? Let us know!


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