Nifty Stats Has a New Design

January 22, 2020

In recent months we have been working not only on new versions of Nifty Stats, but also on a completely new web design. Today we have completely moved the whole website to a new and more powerful server and we have upgraded all our web pages with new design. With the new design some changes come as well, which we have have planned for a long time.

Mac version is accessible for everyone!

On the web, we've highlighted and made available the new Mac version for everyone. From now on, everyone can buy and use all the features available in this release. For the list of supported features please see the About Nifty Stats section of our site.

Nifty Stats on Android

As you may have noticed, we have integrated the Nifty Stats application for Android OS into the new design as well. If you have a valid license, you can start using the application immediately. You can download it directly from the Google Play store.

We have simplified license buying

We have canceled he member section were all of you used to buy Nifty Stats licenses from. We have reduced the procedure to only a few simple steps. If you want to buy or renew your license, just go to Pricing . After the purchase, all necessary information will be sent directly to your email. No need to sign in anywhere anymore. Now you can see expiration date of your license directly in Nifty Stats application in main menu Help > About.

We've upgraded the affiliate program!

A new affiliate system is waiting for you, which takes advantage of the great potential of a sophisticated affiliate system from If you have an old affiliate account, you can keep it and continue promoting Nifty Stats through the old affiliate codes. These old affiliate codes will continue to work. You can view sales statistics in the old affiliate program here. To sign up for the new affiliate program and get better sales commission, just click on our affiliate section.

FREE VPS for everyone!

We offer you an unique promotion. Free VPS for each of our Nifty Stats users. You can use VPS not only for tracking stats with Nifty Stats, but also for your other work.

And many other improvements and news are waiting for you. Subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page and you will not miss anything.


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