Thousands of affiliate programs you can track and we've added more!

We have added other ad networks and affiliate programs that you can analyze in Nifty Stats. New affiliate programs are e.g. 711 Affiliates .nl, Gem Partner .io, Goat Gaming Affiliates, Deposit Win Affiliates, Chilly Affiliates, Shark Partners, Mr Lucky 365 Affiliates, Blue Chip Partners Tier 1, Blur Bucks (New), Revenue Haven, Global Storm .Partners, WGRoyal Affiliate Network, Jili Game, 777MNL, Run4Win .Partners, Small White Lion, YingPla.

In Nifty Stats you will find more and more affiliate programs and advertising networks that you can analyze. Are you missing any ? Send us your favourite affiliate programs and we will be happy to add them.

If you need to export your stats to MySQL, check out our helpful plugin that will quickly move your stats to MySQL.


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