How to add an Affiliate Program, Advertising Network or Affiliate Network to Nifty Stats?

November 26, 2010

In this tutorial we will show you, how to properly add an affiliate network to Nifty Stats, so that all the stats will be downloaded correctly. We will show you also, how to properly use the SPONSOR PAYOUT feature!

From now, you will have an overview of all your earned money and you can use your saved time for other business activities!
Note: Feature SPONSOR PAYOUT is available only to the users of PRO version!

We have prepared for you a complete flash tutorial, just download the zip file, unzip it and execute the exe file.


Download: ZIP FILE

All the steps about how to add affiliate programs properly will be released here on the blog also:



Welcome in our tutorial where we show you how to use Nifty Stats PRO easily and efficiently. We will explain how to correctly add a new affiliate program, affiliate network or an advertising network to Nifty Stats PRO, and how to make sure that the affiliate program or advertising network works properly. Adding is simple but the affiliate program or advertising network will not function well if not properly set up.
That is why I’ll show you now how to set everything up so that Nifty Stats PRO shows your sales statistics correctly.

1. First I need to choose where to file my affiliate program. Nifty Stats allows any program to be added under INCOME or EXPENSES.
INCOME – use this section for any programs which generate you money, e.g. ClickBank.
EXPENSES – use this section to file only advertising networks where you spend money, e.g.
So if you have a running campaign on Facebook, Nifty Stats will regularly display how much money has been drawn from your account on Facebook. I decided to add the ClickBank affiliate network... and therefore I select INCOME and do the following...

2. Click on Add Program

3. Enter the name of the program we are looking for. I am adding ClickBank.

4. ...and we click on Add Selected.

5. The Properties dialog appears and we can set all parameters to make sure that the affiliate network correctly downloads all sales statistics.

6. Display Name is the name of the program – you can change it if you like.

7. Here you can specify whether you want to activate or deactivate download statistics for the selected program. I want to activate them so I leave True checked.

8. This is a very important thing to set up correctly. Many of you write to us that when you add a new affiliate program only the last month’s worth of statistics loads up. This is where the problem arises. You need to set the time range to begin on a different date, like the date when you registered for the affiliate program. Let’s say that you have been a member since July 12, 2007 and you have been promoting affiliate programs since then. If you enter the date of July 12, 2007, Nifty Stats will download your statistics from that date. Once the stats have downloaded you can view graphs of sales, clicks, etc. and all this will be stored in Nifty Stats. You can open Nifty Stats and analyze your sales and clicks at any time and for any period – either the whole duration of your membership or just a chosen time frame. Note: downloading the statistics into Nifty Stats may take dozens of minutes depending on the length of the time period you chose.

9. Use this function if you are sharing the affiliate account with someone else. If you enter 50%, Nifty Stats will only take up one half of the final amount you have earned in the affiliate program in its statistics.

10. Enter your login data here.

11. This is where you set the download frequency. If you set it to 1 hour, Nifty Stats will log on to the affiliate server every hour to download updated stats of sales, clicks, etc.

12. I am setting the frequency to 1 hour.

13. Nifty Stats displays a small console window informing you whenever a sale comes up. If you want to be notified of your sales, leave this function Enabled.

14. The Payout function shows you how much money the affiliate program ‘owes’ you. Nifty Stats knows how much you have earned and if you enter these values correctly you will never have to wonder whether all the money you’ve earned has really arrived at your bank account or your home.

15. The first thing is to enable this function.

16. Next, set the amount that the affiliate program is remitting. If, for example, your profile for the affiliate program specifies a minimum payout of $500, enter this amount.

17. Enter here how much money you have received over the whole period which you defined earlier in DOWNLOAD STATISTICS SINCE. This is important in order to obtain correct figures. If you received $32,000 from the affiliate program, enter this number in the following field. I received nothing and so I leave a zero in this field.

18. Enter the amount that the affiliate program is charging for making the payment to your bank account, for drawing a check, etc...

19. Use this function to add amounts received from the affiliate program, i.e. if you received a check for $325 enter this amount here. Whenever you receive the money you have earned by check or at your bank account it is vital to enter the amount through Add Payment. Nifty Stats then uses the downloaded sales statistics to calculate the outstanding due amount that the affiliate program will send you at the next payout.

20. Now click on OK to save your settings.

21. That is all. Now the ClickBank affiliate network is set up properly. As soon as you save the settings you can click on Download Now and the software will download all the statistics since the date which you entered in the affiliate network settings.

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