New GROUP and how to use it - Sales from my blogs, facebook, investing money into campaign etc …

September 24, 2010

New GROUP and how to use it ( Sales from my blogs, facebook, investing money into campaign etc … )

Nifty Stats Pro contains a useful function – you can create new groups of affiliate programs, affiliate networks or advertising networks.

I personally prefer to divide the statistics up in a transparent way. So I would know how much did I made, but also how much did I expend. In this point of view you may think that the GROUP feature has no point. Of course you don’t need it if you have only a few affiliate programs in the database or if you have only one campaign on Facebook, but you will appreciate it if you promote many affiliate programs or you have many campaigns running.

I personally promote around 200 affiliate programs, which needs well managed groups and of course early notification of sales ( so about good or bed sales of the product ) which is promoted for example on my blog.

But I’ll be specific.

For example I’ve a BLOG where I promote 20-30 products, so therefore I simply group these companies under one folder ( see the picture ) and I’ll label it SALES FROM MY BLOG. And I’ll proceed similarly with other groups, for example I have an advertising campaign on Facebook and I want to have a good overview about it for the whole day, week or perhaps the whole month, so I’ll move Facebook into one group.

So this way I’ll create groups just like I need them ( check out the picture ) so your whole work system is divided and rearranged.

Would like to know more? Let us know and we will be more than happy to explain how things work in Nifty Stats.


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