NATS campaign tracking in Nifty Stats!

October 19, 2010
NATS campaign tracking in Nifty Stats!

Not long ago by your requests we have improved downloading of NATS statistics and the way that Nifty Stats is browsing through and is downloading your actual statistics from campaign also which you have set in your affiliate program.

This is a great feature mainly for webmasters who are promoting affiliate programs using different sources, for example on blogs, free sites, or on other niched sites.

If you have a sponsor which uses NATS system as its affiliate application then it’s enough to login to the member section at your affiliate program, click in the menu on the LINK CODES and the description will lead you how to create a new campaign….

From NATS text:

"Step 1: Choose Your Campaign...
Campaigns are a means of grouping your traffic for stats reporting. You can create as many campaigns as you would like and name them as you see fit. You might have a campaign for exit traffic, each of your sites, purchased traffic, etc. If you would like, click here to Create a New Campaign. If you do not wish to use campaigns please choose Default. The default campaign can be used as a normal campaign and will always exist."

Here is a visual look:

In the affiliate section you set the campaign, then you log out from your affiliate account, you open Nifty Stats Pro and let the software download statistics from your affiliate program.

If you proceeded correctly then all your campaigns will be visible in the following way:
Campaign NATS - Nifty Stats

Then if your stats have been downloaded you can compare each individual campaign between affiliate programs.

You can reflect then each graph by sales, rebills, traffic etc.  Also you can examine your sales, clicks… data in real time in the Report tab.

And how do you enable campaign tracking in NATS systems? It's easy. Choose your sponsor, which uses NATS affiliate system. Click on Properties and choose  DOWNLOAD TYPE and choose Campaigns.

You want to know how to work with GROUPs in Nifty Stats? Click here for more information.


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