How to quickly create a new GROUP in Nifty Stats? Let us take a look!

May 3, 2011

Now we will see how you can make your earnings and overall statistics more clear in a few seconds. Just a few clicks and you will have complete overview and control over your statistics.

This feature is only available in Nifty Stats PRO.



We prepared a quick tutorial how to correctly and quickly create a Group based on any given parameters.

1. Groups in Nifty Stats are very useful and necessary. Groups can bring system and order into your stats, so we will look at a quick tip how to use Nifty Stats more effectively. Maybe you did not now that you just need to select an affiliate program based on any parameter – e.g. the volume of sales in a given period – and click NEW GROUP. A new group will be created with affiliate programs or affiliate networks you selected.

2. Select any number of affiliate programs or affiliate networks based on any parameters. For example I want to create a group of affiliate programs with best sales for a given time period.

I press Ctrl and use the mouse to mark those affiliate programs I want to choose.

3. Now that you selected affiliate programs, click the New Group tab.

4. Give any name to this group.

5. That's it – the new group with your affiliate programs has been created.

6. This function is only available to users of Nifty Stats PRO.


Do you wish to become a professional and belong to a great community? Do not hesitate and purchase Nifty Stats Pro right now!


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