- history, stats, usage and charges is an online payment service provider that specializes in processing transactions for a variety of online businesses, particularly in the digital content and entertainment industries. The company offers an extensive range of payment solutions, including recurring payments, subscription management, and secure credit and debit card processing.

History of CCBill

Founded in 1998, CCBill has quickly become a major player in the online payments industry, focusing primarily on the adult and online entertainment market. Over time, the company has expanded its services to meet the growing needs of digital commerce, including e-commerce sites, online gaming, and other services.

Application and Target Group CCBill

CCBill is ideal for online businesses that require comprehensive payment processing support. This includes:

Online entertainment and adult content
E-commerce websites
Online gaming platforms
Digital service providers and subscription services

Its services mainly attract website operators looking for reliable and secure payment processing as well as advanced subscription management features.

Fees, charges and Payout Process

CCBill charges various fees for its services, which may include transaction fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and percentage of sale fees. Details of the fee structure may vary depending on the specific account type and transaction volume.

What are ccbill's credit card processing fees ?

CCBill's credit card processing fees for 2023 include three main pricing schemes to cater to different business types:

  1. Standard Pricing: 3.9% plus $0.55 per transaction.
  2. High-risk Pricing: 5.9% plus $0.55 per transaction.
  3. Adult Pricing: Ranges from 10.8% to 14.5% per transaction.

    If you own an adult website and want to process payments from MasterCard you pay an annual fee of 500 USD for this service. You also go through an approval process, then your users can also pay on your site via MasterCard.

These rates are specifically for online accounts and may change based on factors such as the business's location, transaction volume, and history​​. For additional charges beyond these primary processing fees, such as setup fees, monthly maintenance fees, chargeback fees, or others, specific details are not readily available and may vary based on individual merchant agreements with CCBill.

Tracking CCbill stats

The payout process is tailored to the needs of the merchants. CCBill offers flexible payout options, including direct deposit, checks, or electronic transfers. The timeframe for disbursements and the specific terms depend on the terms agreed upon between CCBill and the merchant.


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