New affiliate programs added!

Nifty Stats has thousands and thousands of affiliate programs and advertising networks in database that you can analyze.

We've added others that you can select at any time, sign up and start tracking!

New programs added:
KTO Affiliates (MyAffiliates), Live Jasmin Model Center, Nederlandse Loterij, Purplebay Affiliates, AppsFlyer API, Revenue Partners (MyAffiliates), Winner Casino, 777 Stats, Integrated Data Solutions Group API (Everflow), Dark Hall, Mimy Partners Online API, Charlie Forde, Dolce Vita Partners, Crashino, Konibet Affiliates, Casino Affiliates (, Futunari .xxx, Axe Casino Affiliates, Placard Afiliados Mexos, Affiliates, 7 Melons Affiliates, Lynxbet Affiliates, Gogawi Partners, Barriere Bet .fr, (, Actionpay Performance Network, Rogue Casino Partners, LaTribet .ec, PDF Liner Affiliate Program, Wager Partner, Cool Casino .io, Bet Any Sports .eu, Solbet .pe, Dodon Partners (, Rebel Partners .io, Watch Register Affiliates, Bet90 (New)

Didn't you find your favorite affiliate program or advertising network ? Send it to us via our submit form and we will gladly add it.


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